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How can Juniper KPI help you?

With Juniper KPI you will have access to the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) of your business from the mobile phone, quickly and comfortably, without having to access the intranet or BI (Business Intelligence).
  • Review the details of each KPI

    View on real time the main KPIs, such as, your revenues, profits, bookings, and cancellations.

  • Filter and compare with the previous period

    Analyze each KPI filtering and comparing them with the previous period (day, week, month, year).

  • Monitor your Customers and Suppliers’ performance

    Follow closely your Top 5 Customers and Suppliers that are generating more revenues and select the ones you prefer to follow-up.

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  • Compare the Bookings against the Cancellations

    Analyze the Bookings that the customers perform against the Cancellations made.

  • Access the application easily

    You will be able to access the application with your intranet user; you will not need to sign up again.

  • Access it at any moment and anywhere

    You will have access 24 hours, 7 days a week and from any place; you will only need your mobile phone, have the application downloaded and your subscription activated.



Soon, you will be able to personalize your alerts to receive notifications in your mobile phone for any trend anomaly you may wish to monitor, according to your own configuration.
  • Personalized alerts configuration

    You will be able to configure alerts for KPIs related events that you are monitoring.

  • Push notifications on real time

    You will be able to receive push notifications in your devices with the triggered alerts based on the configuration.

  • Detailed information for each Customer and Supplier

    You will have a dashboard for each Customer and Supplier with the cumulative figures and graphs regarding bookings, revenues, profits, and invoicing status.



Choose the rate that better suits your needs and start to enjoy your 30-day trial period:
Monthly subscription
9,99 USD / 8,59 EUR per month
Without activation fees

  • Free App download
  • Access to statistics in real-time
  • Up to 3 devices
  • Subscription per user and month without a minimum period of permanence
Download the application now and start to enjoy it
Enterprise Subscription
1.000 USD / 900 EUR per year
Activation fee: 1.169 USD / 999 EUR

  • Free App download
  • Access to statistics in real-time
  • Up to 3 devices
  • Yearly subscription with 10 users included
  • Monthly subscription for additional users with up to 50% discount
Contact your commercial director

To maintain the subscription active after the trial period, you must accept the Terms and General Conditions available in your Support system.

You will be able to manage the subscriptions of all users through the Intranet, with complete control over those that are active at any time, as well as a monthly invoicing forecast.

For any configuration query, please review the user manual or contact your Project Manager.